07:00-10:00 SESSION 1

07:00-07:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks – Dr. Nelu Burcea

Session Chair Dr. Nicoleta Elena Heghes – Romania
Osman Mohamed – Malaysia
Impact of Al-Ingaz Regime’s Corruption on the Human Rights in Sudan (1989-2019)
Kirti Singhal – India
Moral Injury among Healthcare Professionals during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Priya Bhalla – India
The Path to a Corruption Free Order: Exploring the Gandhian Perspective
Geetha Udayangani Kulasekara and Prasad Senadheera – Sri Lanka
Digital plagiarism in Online Assessments and Students’ Awareness on Plagiarism
Meenu Sharma – India
Rethinking Development in the Twenty-First Century
Q&A Session
Session Chair Dr.Meenu Sharma – India
Gunjari Bhattacharya – India
Incarcerated Mothers: Is There Any Impact on the Children?
Priyank Nagpal – India
Can I buy you a Religion?
Purwai Pravah – India
Psychological Correlates of Social-Emotional Learning among Children of Incarcerated Parents: A Systematic Review
Kuldeep Singh – India
Corruption and Human Rights Violation by Police in India
Shaveta Begra – India
Corruption and Women’s Human Rights in India
Olayinka Akanle – Nigeria/South Africa
The Corruption Disaster of Africa: Pragmatic Development Perspectives on Currents and Undercurrents in Nigeria
Q&A Session

10:00 – 12:00 SESSION 2, MAIN SESSION

Session Chair Dr. Julia M. Puaschunder – USA

Julia M. Puaschunder – USA
Unequal World in Healthcare, Digitalization and Corruption
Prof. Amal Nagah Elbeshbishi – Morocco
A Passage through the Labyrinth: on Women’s Path to Leadership
Nicholas P. Miller – USA
The Impact of Religious Culture and Organization on Societal and State Corruption
Kimberly S. Adams – USA
Election Integrity? How Restrictive Voting Laws Undermines Democracy
Lucile Sabas – USA
Corruption and Economic Development: Does the Stage of Development Matter?
Abner De Los Santos – USA
Looking for an Ideal Anti-corruption Response. A Biblical Perspective

12:00-14:30 SESSION 3

ROOM 1:  Session chair Dr. Żaklina Skrenty – Poland – English Session

Żaklina Skrenty – Poland
Limited Access to Health Services as a Risk of Irregularities in the Health Care System in Poland
Joyce Haddad – Lebanon
Industrial Espionage
Maja Mačinko, Petra Večerić, Ivan Mudri – Croatia
Human Rights and the Upbringing of Children through Cross-Curricular Topics from an Early Age
Danny G. Farah – Lebanon
Ethics and the Evaporation of Lebanon’s Bank Deposits
Tayeb Mehdi, Sarah Meharet, Mohamed Yamin Boulenouar – Algeria
The “New Normal” Modalities in Algerian higher Education: A Recalibration of the Old Paradigm
Estella Achinko – Cameroon/USA
Governance and the Challenges of Resolving Conflicts in the Post-Truth Age in Africa
Iwona Wrześniewska-Wal – Poland
Corruption in Medicine on the Example of Judgments of Professional Courts in Poland
Ademuson Adefolake Olusola – Nigeria
Corruption in the Nigerian Industrial Sector: The Underdevelopment Implications
Viktoria Pitulei – Ukraine
Current Issues in the Study of Mental Health
Akanbi Nurudeen Abidemi – Nigeria
The Effects of Corruption on Effective Delivery of Quality Education in Nigerian Public Secondary Schools

Closing Remarks

ROOM 2:   Session Chair Teresa Flores Chiscul – Spanish Session

Dante Paiva Goyburu – Perú
El derecho a la educación frente a losconflictos armados y la corrupción política
Rabbí Williams Pitter – Venezuela
El Judaísmo Mesiánico en la Cresta Angosta
Sofía Maruri Armand-Ugón – Uruguay
El rol de la libertad de expresión en la lucha contra la corrupción: un análisis a la luz del caso Bedoya Lima y otra vs. Colombia
Celia Ysabel Palacios Alva – Perú
La feminidad y el trabajo en un mundo globalizado
Abner De Los Santos – USA
En Busca de una Respuesta Anticorrupción Ideal – Un Punto de Vista Bíblico
Marcela Bordón Lugo – Paraguay
Efectos de la corrupción sobre el derecho a la libertad religiosa en Colombia y México.
Paula Andrea Torre Puerto – Colombia
Impunidad en casos de violencia sexual contra la niñez como problema estructural del Estado
Deisy Lorena Galvis Molano, Jaime Andrés Sarmiento Espinel, Adriana Carolina Silva Arias – Colombia
Impact of COVID-19 on Rural Education: Reflections from Colombia
Carlos E. Biaggi – Lebanon
Darle Voz a los Valores: Un Enfoque Innovador para la Enseñanza de la Ética
Freddy Daza Roncal – Bolivia
Derechos Humanos Y Un Mundo Tecnocivilizado
María Verónica Torres Gianvittorio Venezuela
Integridad, Libertad y Confianza: Una comprensión integral de la corrupción y sus efectos en los derechos humanos
María Laura Farfán Bertrán – Argentina
El goce efectivo de los derechos humanos: ¿un desafío político o normativo?

Closing Remarks

Session Chair Dr. Shazia Nasir

Benny D Setianto – Indonesia
Corrupting the Nature: Denying the Right to a Healthy Environment in Indonesia
Ghassan Moukheiber – Lebanon
Fighting Discrimination and Fighting Corruption: Same Battle in Lebanon
Lakshay Sharma and Salineeta Chaudhuri – India
Economic Inclusion and Domestic Violence Against Women in 21stCentury India
Vibha Sharma – India
People’s Perception of E-Governance as a Tool to Control Corruption
Seema Agnihotri – India
Can Education Address the Problem of Corruption?
Ved Pal Singh Deswal – India
Corruption as an Obstruction in Development: Glimpses from India
Q&A Session

Session Chair Dr. Marian Simion – USA 

Kousik Das Malakar and Manish Kumar – India
Climate Change, Crime, and Human Rights: A Geographical Analysis
Kousik Das Malakar and Gloria Kuzur – India
Climate Change and Social Justice: A Study on Human Health and Safety
Anindita Gupta – India
Review into the Psychological Perspectives of Plagiarism and its Correlates
Vikram Bhardwaj – India
Belief Systems  of the Western Himalayas
Isha Naaz – India
Decentralization and Effective Forest Governance: Case of Van Panchayats of Uttarakhand, India
Sukhmandeep Kaur and Ms. Mahaluxmi – India
Controlling Corruption: Frameworks Adopted in India
Q&A Session

10:00 – 12:30 SESSION 2, MAIN SESSION

Session Chair Dr. Denise Burrill Simion – USA 

Shazia Nasir – Pakistan
Corruption and its Effect on Human Rights in Pakistan
Badri El Meouchi – Lebanon
The Negative Impact of Corruption on Rule of Law & Poverty
Denise Burrill Simion – USA
Considerations When Developing Business Data Analytics Projects
Marian Simion – USA
Prolegomena to an Ethics Theory for Big Data Analytics
Carlos E. Biaggi – Lebanon
Giving Voice to Values: An Innovative Approach to Teaching Ethics
Julia M. Puaschunder, Reinhardt Stefan Tomek, Regina Richter, Andreas Michalsen, Christoph Quarch, Wolfgang Rohrbach, Jürgen Vormann, Wolfgang Rehak, Jürgen Grimm – USA/Austria/Germany
System Change Transformation of Healthcare
Nicoleta Elena Heghes – Romania
Counterfeiting of the EU Digital Covid Certificate. Offenses and Penalties for Forgery and Use of False Documents

Closing Remarks