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The Unequal World Online Conference was held on on January 24-25, 2021 and was organized by the Unequal World Research Center, IPSEC, and UN Liaison Office for IRLA and SDA.

The conference theme is The Right to Education – Transforming the World Through Inclusive Quality Education and will explore the right of education through a multidisciplinary approach. This second edition of the Unequal World Conference is scheduled to take place around the United Nations International Day of Education and aims to study the past, analyze the present and explore the future of education, through a multidisciplinary perspective. It is also interesting to research what contribution concepts such as peace, culture, religion, family, society, dignity, tolerance, freedom, equality, and solidarity have on education.

Education has been largely considered a fundamental human right and it has been enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations since 1948. According to UNESCO, there are 258 million children and youth that still do not attend school, and 617 million children and teenagers that cannot read or do basic math.

The conference aims to bring together top researchers, speakers from international organizations, decision-makers, diplomats and academics from diverse cultural, religious and political backgrounds from all around the world to share their experiences and exchange their research results on current topics that impact education.


CONFERENCE TOPICS Topics of interest for Abstract submission include, but are not limited to: Equality in Education, Technology Integration, Creative Teaching Methods, Learning Management Systems, Educational Multimedia, Knowledge and Development, Critical Thinking, Mentoring, Alternative Teaching, Multilingualism, Women & Learning, Poverty and illiteracy, Finance and Education, Virtual Learning, Alternative Education, Education Policy, Extracurricular Activities, Education and Religious Freedom, Vocational Training, Special-needs Education, Life-Long Learning, Psychology, School Discipline, E-Learning, Parent Education Curriculum, Home Schooling, Core Values of Education, New Technologies, Informal Learning, Education and Social Responsibility, Cultural and Spiritual Development, Online Classroom, E-Management of Schools, Exceptional Education, Experiential Education, Educational Software, Multiculturalism, Diversity Studies, Language Studies, Ethics in Education, Norms, and Values and any other topic related to Education.

The accepted abstracts for presentation are published in the Book of Abstracts with ISBN 978-1-945298-29-5.

Guidelines: The abstract must be submitted and presented in English. The abstract must be between 250-300 words indicating the purpose/significance, the methods, the findings and the conclusions of the research. The reviewing process does not include the correction of grammatical errors. We will send you an email notification of acceptance or rejection about one week of receiving your abstract.

Unequal World Conference 2021 – Book of Abstracts

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