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The Unequal World Online Conference was held on September 28-29, 2020 and was organized by the Unequal World Research Center, IPSEC, and UN Liaison Office for IRLA and SDA.

The conference brought together top researchers, speakers from international organizations, decision-makers, diplomats and academics from diverse cultural, religious and political backgrounds from all around the world to share their experiences and exchange their research results on current topics that impact our society.

The conference theme was Human Development in the context of Current Global Challenges with the focus on multidisciplinary topics related to education, public health, human rights, global security, equality, environmental sustainability and economic development.

We hope this event raised awareness on current pressing global challenges, and provided opportunities for researchers to share values such as freedom, non-discrimination, solidarity and justice that can enhance the future of human development.


Topics of interest for Abstract submission include, but are not limited to:

Human Development, Social Justice, Religious Freedom, Pluralist Society, Faith and Development, Human Rights, Sociology, Diversity and Equality Studies, Migration, Ethnicity, Finance and Economics, Diplomacy Studies, Politics and Mass Media,  Multiculturalism, Education, Forms of Government, Global Health, Technology, Legal Studies, Environmental Studies, Demography, Globalism, Consumerism Sustainability Science, Sustainable Development Goals, Poverty and other topics related to Human Development.

Unequal World Conference 2020 – Book of Abstracts

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The accepted abstracts for presentation are published in the Book of Abstracts with ISBN 978-1-945298-29-5.

Guidelines: The abstract must be submitted and presented in English. The abstract must be between 250-300 words indicating the purpose/significance, the methods, the findings and the conclusions of the research. The reviewing process does not include the correction of grammatical errors. We will send you an email notification of acceptance or rejection about one week of receiving your abstract.